Outside of the broadcast arena, bl!nk offers holistic risk and media management.

  • Are the products your company is using in your supply chain responsibly sourced i.e. not the product of sweat shops or child labour? What is the consequence to your company if this were found to be the case and resulted in a media event?
  • Are any of your products being used for illicit purposes?
  • Are any of your companies or subsidiaries involved in under-handed deals with government officials?
  • Could your license to operate at any one of your sites be challenged on the basis of how those licenses were
    obtained or the conditions to operate?
  • Have your legal agreements been examined for exposure? Are they in line with the Consumer Protection Act? What are the potential consequences if they are not?
  • Is the money you are spending on your CSI benefitting the intended recipients? Are sufficient monitoring and assessment strategies in place? Are you making the most of marketing your ‘good’ works?

We unearth the answers to these kinds of questions and offer a holistic, pre-emptive risk and media management solution that analyses current risk, pre-empts future exposure and develops media strategies to respond to crisis situations, while exploring unseen marketing opportunities, particularly in the branded content space.